Hi there, I'm Joe Zott

Joe Zott

Most recently I am known for my product development / executive management work for AccuVein developing their award winning AV300, AV400 and AV500 vein visualization devices. In addition, I was responsible for manufacturing / distribution, setting up multiple US and offshore manufacturing sites, quality /regulatory, setting up and operating the system, worldwide regulatory submissions, successfully obtaining worldwide regulatory approval, and customer support. If you would like to work together on your medical device while I can’t guarantee an award or commercial success, many of my product designs have won a number of industry awards and have been very successful.

With my extensive experience in embedded development in defense, consumer products, wireless networking, industrial computing, and medical devices I do offer consulting services to interested clients. We can engage with me as an individual technical contributor, a team mentor, manager, or can subcontract an entire product deliverable. Also, with my background in electrical engineering and software development I do take on interesting technical projects in other other areas that touch upon my interests in system engineering, FPGA semiconductor design, signal processing and algorithm development, and advanced software architectures. Having been involved in a number of successful patent filings that might be an area where I can support you.

One area that I continue to be interested in is laser beam scanning (LBS). LBS provides some unique characteristics and I have launched the ZedTech design consultancy to help companies develop LBS products. Zedtech consulting. I have also written a handbook on the product design of LBS products that can be made available for customers developing such products. Not only can I provide a technology platform to start your product development, I can provide a roadmap, and if needed help, to you complete it successfully.

I am also working on some interesting medical devices based on LBS. One of which is Fluoroscience. Fluoroscience seeks to bring together projection augmented reality, laser beam scanning, and diagnostic/visualization imagery. While we are currently early stage our experience in bringing real-time information to clinicians to improve decision making and execution suggests that there are several significant applications. The LBS projection reality approach has been demonstrated to be well integrated into existing workflows, natural operation, better performance, and lower cost than competitive approaches to implementing augmented reality healthcare applications.

Recently I created a medical device quality system. With all the projects (from week long tasks with one engineer to multiyear multiyear product developments requiring multiple engineering disciplines) I have managed over the years the quality system I created includes lots of engineering templates that have been successfully been used in a number of product launches. Also with my cross industry experience I have tried to make it universally useable for various development activities outside of medical device development. Please contact me if you think this will meet your needs or if you just need some help from an experienced product development engineering manager/project manger/advisor.

Lately I have been focused on the development of knowledge systems. A central theme in my work for a number of years is to provide visualization and decision enhancing tools to augment human actions. Information without analysis is of limited value so I am using the techniques being pioneered in ontological system engineering and the development of digital twins and the metaverse to turn sensor data into information and understanding. I have been working with some leading experts in the field and have been developing some interesting applications. 3x3 Institute