Joe Zott's CV

Professional Experience


August 2020 -

Developing laser scanning based medical devices and providing contract laser scanning engineering services.

Authored Handbook for Laser Beam Scanning Products and wrote simulation, modeling, and support tools to explore design options, improve performnace, and obtain a safe and approved product.

For a recent client, evaluated their product design and recommended product improvements and development strategies to quickly and inexpensively obtain better performance and improve product design.

Providing software leadership and technical guidance for a Cubesat development.


2007 - 2020

VP Engineering and Operations

Starting with a prototype, took company as originally the sole engineer working in basement to a worldwide market footprint of over 120 countries. Developed the AV500, AV400 and AV300 vein illumination devices and their various accessories. These award winning vein illumination products are being used in over 3,500 hospitals in US, 5,000 institutions around the world. Responsible for Research, Engineering, Regulatory, Service, and Manufacturing. As business developed transitioned these activities from my performing these functions to managing the activity, to managing the management team.<


Symbol Techologies

2001 - 2005

Engineering Director - Custom and customized wireless and handheld computing products

The iTv Corporation

	<p>1995 - 2001</p>
	<p>Founder, Vice President Engineering, CFO, Board director<p>
	<p>Investors included Draper, Fisher Jurvetson; Sanyo Semiconductor; LG Electronics</p>
	<p>Company developed Internet and television consumer electronic products based on proprietary asynchronous and synchronous chip technologies and consumer focused operating system and applications. Managed engineering and marketing team of 35.</p>
	<p>Engineering & product accomplishments included:</p>
		<li>Internet set-top with sub-$30 manufactured cost</li>
		<li>Multiple product reference designs - Set-top box, Internet TV, Internet tablet (LCD) computer</li>
		<li>Multiple system on a chip designs - processor cores, high quality video encoders, DOCSIS cable modem</li>
		<li>0.8um asynchronous processor capable of executing 500 million instructions per second</li>
		<li>Operating system and application software for all product designs including operating system (multitasking /memory management/ GUI/flash file system), TCP/IP stack, web browser, and email application</li>

Skywatch Information Systems

1993 - 2001

Cofounder and bootstrapped company

Company provided software development and engineering services including satellite and mission design to NASA. Developed, MediaStorm, an off-the-shelf disaster information software system running on Microsoft Windows. Program merged overhead imagery, maps, routing, and a database of resources and events. Won multiple contracts for proprietary hyper-spectral remote sensing instrument and processing system.<

Geodynamics Corporation (now Northrop Grumman)

Booz Allen & Hamilton

National Security Agency

Academic Experience